touch Want to maximize the presence of your next trade show event as a host, then learn about MetroClick’s trade show and photo booth solutions. A simple way to leverage the power of a trade show photo booth is to purchase or rent one for the next trade show event you plan on hosting. Whether it is at a local convention center, trade show, or industry event center. If you rent out any other facility to host a trade show, having a photo booth where attendees and businesses which are at the trade show can display (and take) images, will truly help optimize visibility, and draw attention to the products and services being displayed. Not only can these kiosks display products but can also be used to collect information and enhance existing client portfolios.

Selling and educating is key at any trade show and a photo booth trade show solution can be a powerful asset

The end goal of any trade show event is to sell; of course you want attendees to have fun and learn about products, but ultimately making and closing the deal is critical. Incorporating photo booth at the next event will instantly bolster sales. A photo booth will instantly draw attention to your booth, over other companies at the event.

When potential buyers stop by your digital photobooth, they can take photos. You can create custom tailored photo strip business cards. Allow visitors to print business cards with a trade show kiosk with photo booth functionality and other enhancements. This allows you to put your company’s name, phone number, and contact information at their fingertips, and allows visitors to your booth to have a little fun while they are there. Sales and new customers are going to follow the fun, and are going to be attracted to the booths which do something to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Collect their information using a trade show kiosk displays with photo booth functionality

You can’t let people go without collecting their information, right? So, let them know that you can send them copies of the photo strip business cards via email, or direct mail. Tell them to add your company’s social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook, and share that information online. Every user that takes photos in your booth will provide you with an email address. This is a simple and easy way to compile an email list for future campaigns, and potentially garner interest for new products/services you wish to promote in the future.

Go social with the MetroClick photo booths for trade shows

Another benefit of deciding to buy photo booths or photo booth rentals is the ability to instantly go social. When visitors visit your booth, have them tag themselves with your company name and information. Allow them to share, post, tweet, and otherwise share information and photos they’ve taken through the photo booth. And, remember those photo strip cards (your visitors created with your company contact information on them), when this is posted via social media, this is pretty much free marketing which is being done by visitors for your business.

Custom Designed Photo Booth Kiosks for Trade Shows

There’s no way to get around it; today, businesses have to differentiate themselves and do something which truly stands out. What better way to call attention to your booth, than by having a photo booth set up outside it at a trade show event? People are instantly drawn in, they will have fun, interact, and are more willing to share their information if they can have some fun at the show. So, rather than make those dull business cards again this year, consider renting or buying a photo booth for your next trade event. It will be the talk of the trade show, and will garner far more attention than handing out free magnets to visitors.

Learn About MetroClick’s Customized Trade Show Photo Booths for Sale and Rent

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