Enhancing prospective client engagements through the use of interactive wall media

MetroClick works with numerous platforms to design interactive controls for interactive video walls and large format displays.

We develop control software system for iOS, Android and Windows devices to control our touch interfaces.

MetroClick provides the perfect solution for presentations, conference centers, events, corporate engagements, stadiums, sporting events, concerts, and social media marketing.

Our larger than life displays offers touch functionality that allows multiple users to interact with the kiosk screen at the same time, while avoiding lines or people having to take turns.

This increases the engagement with your products or services.

Our system can program multiple screens to display different content that functions while synced with the other content. The functionality and interactivity of our video wall systems will captivate and engage your room, creating an unforgettable experience.

Not only will you patrons be mesmerized by the display size and interactivity, but our wall monitors can be customized to meet the size and decor you need.

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