As a manager of a large office building, or a property with multiple offices in it, it’s virtually impossible to staff enough personnel to assist the visitors who come into/out of your establishment daily. One of the many benefits of utilizing interactive building directories, is that you’ll no longer have to try to hire sufficient personnel to assist your property’s visitors each day.


Visitors Can Manage Their Way

This is probably the most beneficial/popular choice for installing interactive building directories. They provide visitors with the exact information they’re looking for. Visitors can type in a last name, office number, phone number, or other information about the office they’re visiting, and find out exactly where to go. Directories are intuitive and provide details regarding the office, type of practice, the floor, who works in the specific office number (if there is more than one doctor, dentist, lawyer, etc. in the same space), and even tells visitors which elevators to take to get there. All information is conveniently located in one space, and can be found with the touch of a button.


Efficiency in Any Space

The MetroClick interactive directories are extremely intuitive. They offer:

  • ways to save time and money with updated information/updates through web enabled devices
  • Show real-time mobility options (for example bus routes, train routes, etc.)
  • Provide interactive floor details/information
  • Provide real-time information about outages in the building (for example, which elevators are out of service)

With this information updated regularly, there’s no need to worry about inaccuracies in your facility. Customers know what to expect and when to expect it.


Security, Staff, Front Desk Personnel Can Perform Other Pertinent Duties

It’s impossible to make sure you have enough customer service reps, concierge, and building staff on site to assist visitors, in a building with over 100 offices, and 50 floors. Imagine trying to staff each level with enough people to assist your guests. It’s costly, plus it isn’t necessary. This is another one of the many benefits of utilizing interactive building directories. You can reduce staff and cost of hiring new employees. The directories will quickly tell visitors where to go, what floor to visit, the office number they should go to, and which elevator they should take to get there. They can gather all relevant information on a touchscreen monitor, which provides them the details they’re looking for right away.

Plus, this frees up the time for your concierge to actually help visitors who want information about the neighborhood, or are looking for things to do while visiting the area. And, other office personnel and staff can perform other duties around the building, which they otherwise couldn’t if they constantly had to screen customer questions about where to go in the building.


It Accentuates the “Modern” Look and Feel

Imagine walking into a 50-story office building and only seeing one concierge to help every visitor that comes into that building daily. It’s virtually impossible to ensure everyone is going to receive the dedicated assistance they require. Plus, it looks pretty dated and gives the impression that the building and facilities are older.

In most industries today, there are modern tools and technologies which customers have grown accustomed to seeing when they enter a facility. If your offices or building don’t have kiosks, building directories, touchscreen elevator tablets, and other relevant technologies, those visitors might choose to visit other offices for future visits. Although it doesn’t actually detract from the quality of services visitors are going to receive, it does give the impression that they’re stepping back into a prior decade when they don’t see these new technologies which are available in virtually any large office building or multi-level building today.


Competitors are Using Them

Virtually any:

  • Doctors offices
  • Multi-level office buildings
  • Corporate offices
  • Other establishments

Are utilizing interactive building displays. By not having these set up within your building, you’re falling behind your competitors. The right interactive building directory can help bring your building/office into the modern era. It makes things easier for your site visitors, and allows them to quickly and easily navigate different offices, if they are visiting more than one office while in the building.

Modernize your office or building today with the installation of interactive building design directories. It’ll help improve the appearance, efficiency of operations, and make everything easier for building staff, and obviously, the visitors coming into and out of your building each day. Contact us today to learn more about our interactive building directories.