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MetroClick Provides the American Idol Kiosk Solution

The other night, the MetroClick kiosk solution was featured at the recent American Idol audition. Watch the video above or read the transcript below (this transcript has been automatically generated by ABC and may not be 100% accurate):

We are all excited for American Idol to return American Idol ABC it’s that mocks. Searching for our next American Idol even brought and the audition kiosk right here to GMA. And your cell work basically used you push a button you sing for 62 and Matt audition gets sent to. Right to the judges there with me right now isn’t Brian McConnell you’re gonna saying. Edge of glory yes my right now are you ready I’m ready I was given a yeah Veronica. If I cork. Three. One taking. And a reason used to being alone and if you add bing need it and let me add pain being. But I got a reason you needs to be you. All alone to. But it’s hot to field. It’s wrong and I’ll we are gonna do right now in stunning Harare this DA audition. As rising by Liberty Mutual and that you wanted to antacids. You facilities he doesn’t get it right center the judges hey you can possibly be our next American Idol he wouldn’t. Adds we’d be old Al good. Back. That’s one nice word hey Brian McConnell.