New far-infrared technology enables rapid temperature scanning for reduce coronavirus risk and instill peace-of-mind.

As the country and the world emerges from lockdown, customers and employees require assurances that the facilities they frequent – retail, hospitality, offices, travel hubs, industrial parks and more – are safe. They are demanding that property owners and tenants provide systems that help ensure that only non-contagious personnel can enter buildings and other commercial areas. The new Thermal Sensing feature available on all MetroClick/faytech kiosks and digital signage, based on Thermopile far-infrared technology, screens for fever symptoms by instantly and accurately checking the body temperature of individuals.

“By offering employees and guests to their facilities and locations a way to safely and effectively self-monitor their temperature, businesses and other organizations can play a key role in helping the country move forward and recover from the pandemic. Our thermal sensing app is highly accurate and results can be tied into customized messaging,” said Taylor Miller, Partner and COO at MetroClick/faytech NA. “The individual benefits immediately, and will view the group deploying the kiosks and digital signage as a partner in health.”

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