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February 3, 2021

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MetroClick Launches Interactive Smart Cooler, Bringing Digital Media to Store Shelves


Smart Coolers boost sales, improve interaction with customers, enhance in-store experience and provide actionable analytics in test at leading retailer by top beverage marketer


NEW YORK – Consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies have long supported retailers’ efforts to replicate the benefits of the online interactive shopping experience in the physical store. Dynamic in-store digital experiences such as state-of-the-art interactive smart coolers enable the retailer and brand partners to break through the noise of the marketplace and get their messaging to the customer.


The new MetroClick Interactive Smart Coolers feature a standard refrigerated case with an innovative transparent LCD on the door that is attached to a commercial grade network media player and external speakers. The door display screen is currently being trialed at a top five retailer by a leading beverage marketer, which is looping calls to action for the brand’s products and apps. The content will soon be customized for each location depending on product assortment and co-branding.


“Brands and retailers have lofty goals for the Interactive Smart Coolers, including revolutionizing the shopper’s in-store digital experience and growing loyalty. By using the latest touchscreen technology and ultimately enabling customized messaging based on smartphone opt-in campaigns, we expect the companies will see a quick ROI on each installed unit,” said Taylor Miller, Partner and COO at MetroClick.


The MetroClick Interactive Smart Coolers currently in test markets replace non-digital units and are already increasing sales and shopper engagement at retail locations in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Nashville, Tallahassee and Normal, IL. Additional locations for the cases will be announced shortly.


“CPG companies invest significant resources to bring the latest brand merchandising tools to retail customers and consumers. Our inventive way to communicate messaging at the point-of-purchase is already enhancing the connection with the shopper. The vertical canvas is perfect to adapt social media content, not to mention zero waste comparing digital content with traditional printed advertising,” said Jesse Cooper, Partner and CEO at MetroClick.


The software for the Interactive Smart Coolers manages the user interface, collects data on each interaction and helps the brands and the retailers optimize the way each case is stocked with product and used as a messaging platform. It has a wide range of communications capabilities, from straightforward advertising and product promotion to customizable offerings transferred to a mobile device.


“The proliferation of innovative offerings in all beverage categories creates the need for brand owners to differentiate themselves in key retail environments like convenience stores, supermarkets and beer, wine and spirit shops. The MetroClick Interactive Smart Cooler is designed to influence in-store shopper behavior wherever chilled products are sold, giving marketers the ability to deliver customized messaging that engages consumers in real-time,” said Ken Aufiero, Beverage Channel Executive at MetroClick.


About MetroClick

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