For any industry event to be memorable, it is important to keep everyone entertained. Many companies prepare summer outings and corporate events for employees and their respective families. Most often, if children are the kids get bored in these events and tend to disturb the parents. They do things that may annoy and distract like crying and throwing tantrums. Parents, do not have a choice but decide to go home earlier than usual. MetroClick’s NYC photo booth rentals can make any event a fun and memorable experience for all attendees.

The best New York photo booth rentals for special events

Therefore, while hosting an event in the New York area (contact us regarding our full range of digital products available nationally and internationally), it is important for the event managers to keep in mind that they should dedicate some time to planning games and entertainment for the kids and a photo booth is a great option.

Nowadays, many special occasions would need an attraction of sorts to caters to all elements of a group. A special occasion would need a unique charm so, whatever the occasion is – whether it is a wedding or corporate event, a birthday party, graduation, concert or a party.

Find the best photo booth rental company in New York City

Our New York photo booth rental service should not be the only attraction at your event but it is a great addition to professional photographers. Your guests will be more excited to know that you have made arrangements for photographers to take serious event pictures while people can take more fun and silly pictures in our photo booths.

The idea of having such booths in the parties has become very popular as people love it. There are many companies which offer such services to make your event a success. These services range from photo shoot to video presentations. So, you need to pick the right service for the need of your event. With so many touch screen companies in the market, you have to be very cautious while choosing them.

New York Photo Booth Rentals – Fun For Everyone

Even if you have games set for kids, it is also great to have entertainment that caters to all. With the photo booth rentals, there are no age specifications… it is something that everybody would need experience a special event. Do you remember those photo strips in the malls when you just wanted to unwind and have fun?

Weddings Are Made More Special with Photo Booth Rentals

The wedding reception is more than colorful now this because of the addition of photos booth rental. It has been introduced for the past five years and has stirred-up weddings, since then. It is also perfect for other celebrations like bar mitzvahs, business events, industry trade shows, the hospitality industry, and other special occasions.

There are a lot of companies that manufacture and sell photo booths and offer photo booth rentals. But the highest quality photo booths with the most features such as social media integration and customiazation are manufactured by MetroClick. MetroClick is one of the leading manufacturers in the USA of digital systems for a broad spectrum of industries including: photo booths, digital signage systems, interactive solutions, interactive wall solutions, and touch kiosks.


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