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Metroclick x Dresshirt for Theory at Bloomingdales

The latest story in our omnichannel series dives into the way a major department store and high-end brands blend the benefits of online shopping with physical stores. The seamless experience perfectly married the peace of mind that comes from trying on clothes at a brick-and-mortar store with the excitement of personalizing a garment.


Metroclick collaborated with contemporary clothing brand Theory and American sportswear company Dresshirt to offer shoppers at Bloomingdale’s the opportunity to order custom-embroidered clothing right in the store. Shoppers would try on clothing samples to find the perfect fit and style for their bodies, then use an in-store kiosk to explore embroidery options. Once they created a digital rendition of their ideal shirt, customers would pay at the store and have the custom garment shipped right to their doors. This collaboration builds on an earlier retail activation between Saks Fifth Avenue and Maje, which also allowed customers to order custom dress shirts.


Maje x Dresshirt x Metroclick at Saks Fifth Avenue

Omnichannel marketing is all about giving customers an effortless retail experience that blends a brand’s physical and brick-and-mortar presence. Bloomingdale’s capitalized on the strengths of in-store shopping by giving customers the opportunity to feel the garments and see how they’d look when worn. It gave shoppers more confidence that they would be satisfied with the final garment—a major concern, especially with customized clothing that’s not typically returnable.


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Then, they were able to leverage the efficiency online shopping at the digital kiosk to explore embroidery options. They could browse different colors, fonts and sizes until they found their favorite combination. Shoppers could also see how smoothly they could order from Theory and Dresshirt online, increasing the likelihood that they might visit their digital stores in the future.




The ability to serve themselves by placing the order and pay on a screen, without ever leaving the store, made for a cohesive retail experience. There was no divide between the physical and digital world for shoppers—evidence that, when leveraged properly, omnichannel marketing is a win for retailers.