Every university or college student works hard to graduate after completing his or her studies and graduation day marks a special day of accomplishment in a person’s life. This is a great reason why a photo booth rental for university graduations should be a serious consideration. The following are the reasons why you should rent a university graduation photo booth:

A university photo booth for graduation ceremonies provides great entertainment value

If you had invited guests to attend your graduation, you can readily keep them entertained by having a photo booth. In this case, the university graduation organizer can buy or rent a photo booth depending upon the university’s budget and needs.

Live photo editing options for a graduation

Metroclick photo booths offer many editing options that you can use to enhance the image quality and add special effects. You can add some quotes or dates and give them to your guests, friends or family so that they can remember this special event.

High quality photos that capture the graduation experience

You will notice that the photos generated from the MetroClick photo booths are very high in resolution and print quality. These photos make great gifts for friends and relatives who are unable to attend your graduation.

Ability to integrate University themed photo booth props

Most photo booths normally come with a selection of props. These props can be used while taking pictures and videos. Our university photo booth clients who buy photo booths can have custom photo booths designed to fully represent the schools logo, colors and mascots.

A graduation ceremony photo booth will store every picture taken

Some photo booths normally print pictures in a matter of seconds. But with MetroClick photo booths for universities the photos can be digitally stored and transferred to social media accounts instantly. There is no need for guests to wait for their pictures to be printed and then scanned to be uploaded to social media sites.

A MetroClick university photo booth create powerful brand recognition

A graduation day is a day worth remembering. Graduates, friends and families will want to recall the best moments of this event, and being able to immediately share high quality pictures means no one gets left out. All photos can be uploaded to various social media accounts and shared instantly.

Renting a touch photo booth for university graduations is a great way to make this day stand out and give students, friends and family the ability to create memories. The photo booth solutions offered by MetroClick can be specially designed and customized to fully represent a University. These university photo booths can be used in a wide variety of special events, trade shows, and a wide variety of industry applications; making photo booths a solid investment in university resources. Our photo booth team will be able to answer all questions about photo booth manufacturing, design, customization, software, setup and functionality.

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