With the popularity of shopping online, the in-store retail experience is more important than ever for boutiques. And ironically, it all starts with technology. By using the latest hardware and interactive displays, small retailers can make their stores more fun and profitable. Here’s how to structure tech in your boutique.

Offer a photo booth

Want to generate foot traffic at your store? A photo booth is just what you need to draw passersby. Few customers can resist the opportunity to create a fun image or gift (branded with your logo, of course!) that they can share with their friends. Plus, the entertainment of an impromptu photoshoot puts them in the mood to browse your merchandise—and take a few things home with them.

Enhance fitting rooms

The fitting room can make or break a customer’s decision to buy clothing. Use tech enhancements to boost your chances of a sale. A touchscreen monitor allows shoppers to browse other apparel and accessories in your store without ever leaving the dressing room. They can also use these kiosks to request additional sizes or get help from a salesperson, which makes finding the perfect garment a seamless experience.

Install a social station

Most retailers have a tight marketing budget. But here’s a secret: You can actually outsource your advertising to your customers with a social station. These in-store displays allow customers to create and upload their own content to social media platforms using your store’s handles and hashtags. The boards also boost brand awareness by showcasing your curated posts in real time. It’s the best way to capture the interactivity of shopping online in a brick-and-mortar setting.

Bringing your boutique’s tech into the 21st century gives customers a reason to visit (and spend!) at your store.