If there’s one new year’s resolution every retailer should make, it’s to modernize their store. Spruced-up aesthetics appeal to customers, ultimately encouraging sales. Here are 10 ways to boost your in-store display.

  1. Show How-To Videos: Create how-to videos for your display to show customers how to style apparel and showcase products at your store.
  2. Offer a Photo Booth: Want to increase foot traffic to your store? Install a photo booth. Customers will love taking a souvenir snapshot, then browsing your products.
  3. Make Mirrors Interactive: Bring your store’s fitting rooms into the 21st century with touchscreen mirrors. These interactive devices allow customers to request additional colors, sizes and styles with just a few taps.
  4. Get Social: Use your in-store display or general kiosk to showcase your social media feeds. The beautiful photos will persuade customers to follow you and post about your store.
  5. Highlight Limited-Edition Products: Only have a few items from a popular brand left? Encourage customers to take them home today by revealing the amount available on your product displays.
  6. Frame Your Screens: Integrate signage technology into your interior design with branded frames around your screens. Choosing borders in patterns and palettes that complement your decor will entice customers.
  7. Enliven Window Shopping: Engage customers outside your store with an interactive glass window. It can display a moving advertisement, hot products or a store directory.
  8. Meet the Makers: Create profiles with biographies about the people behind your products for your in-store displays. They’ll help your store form deeper connections with shoppers.
  9. Create Quizzes: A fun quiz on your in-store display can guide shoppers to the perfect products for their preferences, while collecting key data about your customer base.
  10. Set the Mood With Video Walls: Interactive video walls with multiple screens allow you to change the atmosphere instantly. You can screen silent movies, music videos and digital art.