An Overview of Monitors

A computer monitor is the primary display device which gives a computer visual output. Initially, monitors were the Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) based and these were later replaced with slim Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) monitors. LCD monitors have improved displays and are notably less bulky in addition to consuming less energy. Slim monitors are differentiated mainly in terms of size among other attributes like color accuracy and brightness. In terms of displays sizes, there are monitors ranging from 7 inches to more than 80 inches.

Why should you get a 42 inch computer monitor and not the basic 17 or 21 inch ones?

A large touch screen display can help a person to better organize their screen space and manage multiple tasks at one time. This more efficient use of the screen allows people to streamline their projects and workflow. In most cases, using a smaller screen forces you to keep on moving applications and windows around. Simply put, each time you are working on one task and have to switch to another you lose time trying to sort through various screens. With a large monitor, like a a 42 inch one, it’s very easy to manage tasks since you are capable of staging various windows on the same big display. This is a more efficient use of time.

Another benefit is makes it easy to more efficiently view a complete picture of information and even taking screenshots. This consideration is based on the scrolling function. Have you ever worked on a small monitor on which you had to keep on scrolling down to see more information? With a 42-inch computer monitor, you can reduce the scrolling considerably since it displays much more information at once.

Reduce Stress

Large monitors will also reduce the stress levels of employees. The human mind is able to focus more on what one can see at the moment as opposed to what a person has to remember. A large display used alone or in conjunction with a laptop or a second screen can have a tremendous impact upon workflow and performance. No longer does a person have to try to remember what they were working on, but can place two or more windows side by side and review multiple information sources at the same time.

Demonstrate Products and Services

Additionally, there is the added benefit of demonstration purposes. Depending on the nature of your business, you might have to demonstrate products and services on offer to clients. It gets much easier to do this if you are doing it from big monitor especially if you are working with a group. It can also work well if you are demonstrating procedures and steps to a group of students or co-workers. The ability to simply present important information on a screen large enough to be seen from across the room is a big advantage in spaces that do not have room for a projector.

In conclusion, having a 42 inch computer monitor in your business has a lot of benefits. The workflow is easier and you will certainly increase productivity. If you are interested in purchasing a larger display for your organization, then contact us today. Our display specialists will help you to understand the differences between the technologies we offer and what monitor size will best suit your needs.



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