Gone are the days when sticking posters and distributing pamphlets was an important aspect of promoting products or services. Truth be told; it takes just a second for a customer to judge your products or services. A proprietary digital signage software tool helps to meet the unique demands of customers where visual appeal is key. A cloud-based, customized software tool ensures that you won’t lose any content or data. And the best part being, you can customize them to meet the needs of your customers.


Here are the reasons why you need a digital signage manager software tool:


Ease Of Creative Media Management

Updating creative media doesn’t have to be expensive and time-consuming. Compared to the standard print signage, you can run more targeted marketing campaigns. Since your customers’ interest changes with time, you should update your content frequently. If you know what they want, you should keep them in mind when crafting your communications. Without a consistent system in place, you may get lost in a myriad of communication touch points.


Digital signage software allows you to program your displays. If you run a business that offers special deals on specific days of the month, you can update the displays a week before the actual date. Also, if you run a fast-food restaurant, you may need to change the prices on display boards or digital sandwich boards. You could benefit from the changing menu prices during the rush hour or happy hour.

Reduce Expenses

Communicating with digital signage is less expensive than print media. If you were to measure the cost of printing, running a digital signage software tool is much less. While the initial setup cost is high, the subsequent costs are almost negligible. These costs are okay to deal with compared to having to print posters around the country. And because digital media can provide niche advertising, it eliminates unrequited costs.


With a digital signage software tool, you can disseminate a lot of information to the target audience more effectively. The interactive audience drives your marketing strategy by using multiple messages in the same space. What’s more, it allows you to control a large number of players. Of course, the aspect of delay is a lifesaver for the firm.

Depending on the purpose of your digital signage, you could earn money you were not earning before. Keep in mind, the digital solutions you choose will affect your costs based on whether it’s a monthly-fee based or one-time purchase.


Since digital signage is a one-time expense, you can use it in different store locations. This saves costs when you compare with coordinating a new print roll out.


New Messaging and Content Capabilities

In a competitive business environment, you should stay ahead of the game. One way is to keep your content fresh. A digital signage software tool will help you to clearly distinguish yourself from the competitors. The best way to move your brand is to bring the wow factor. You have to capture the attention of your audience first to create a lasting impact. The content you offer to your customers should educate and inspire them.


This brings us to the question –  How do you keep your informational messaging fresh? You have to purchase new graphics to educate your audience. Unlike printed signs, digital signage combines sound and motion to capture the attention of the audience.


Although a picture is worth a thousand words, videos capture more attention. Be sure to use videos that tell a story to get people talking. When people talk about what they’ve seen, the content can go viral. This doesn’t mean that you should engage in an expensive project- just make sure the videos do what they meant to do. A digital software tool will allow you to spread the video across multiple platforms. Even simple animations with zoom effects can keep the audience more engaged. When you combine images and motion pictures, you can keep your posts fresh and interesting.


Increased Presence and Visibility

The goal of a digital signature is to make customers take action – make a purchase or follow some kind of direction. Other times, you may want the retail shoppers to know about the upcoming promotions or in-store appearances. Unlike print signage, digital signage has higher recall rates. This is because human brains are drawn to moving objects. When your customers get the message, they are likely to spread it to other people who may never have known about it.


Closing Thoughts

In today’s digital age, communicating with your customers go beyond the standard print signage. A digital signage software tool can help you determine which messages are engaging and which ones are not. And the great thing is that you can adjust them for maximum customer engagement.