Social media is indispensable when marketing an event, before, during and after. In an ever competitive attention economy, the goal is not to just get eyes on your brand, but to get individual people interacting with it and talking about it afterwards. Metroclick’s CliqClik photo booth is designed to bring events to life and offer something special to your visitors in a way that it succinctly links to larger experiential marketing strategies.  

Get Your Brand Featured on a Personal Profile, Not A Company Page. 


Visitors taking pictures and sharing immediately (or later) on their social channels–whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram–offers fantastic organic brand exposure. With Facebook (and, by extension, Instagram’s) algorithm’s changes which promote friend posts over Page posts, tools like this are absolutely crucial for marketers to make their way onto people’s personal profiles. The Cliqclik photobooth also streams a hashtag feed, like the one above, with all the posts and images people are sharing in real time, at an event itself.

Metroclick’s booth offers custom picture framing, account tags, captions, geotags and hashtags. With organic marketing getting harder and harder to achieve, the photo booth is a marketing hack enabling brand exposure from word-of-mouth over paid ads, all within a trusted social circles (friends and family). 

Give customers an experience outside of their phone screen altogether


Photo booths offer more than just online exposure; at the event itself, expect crowds to form around the photo booths, it happens all the time. People are naturally drawn to the social station, because it provides a way for visitors to become creators rather than spectators, and take ownership of their participation.

In this sense, Metroclick’s photo booths inspire creativity. Users are able to add emojis or scribble on their image in a rich variety of colors. The digital photobooth even allows for the creation of animated images (GIF) or regular video recording with your brand’s logo or tagline included. The green screen capability feature even allows users are able to take photos set against digital backgrounds or wearing funny props.

Personalized, automated follow-ups


The photo booth also allows for greatly personalized follow-ups. By auto generating an email list, your team can send visitors a mass follow-up email the day after the event, custom coded with their own photos included as a gift. Not only does it build your team’s email lists on blast, it also provides 

Needless to say, with a photo booth at your next event, everybody wins.