Marketing strategies of small, medium and large businesses are evolving. The traditional standard print signage is being outperformed by digital signage – and for good reason. If you are a business owner, you’ve probably noticed the large digital displays installed in lobbies, conference rooms and waiting areas. This allows for the business to communicate with its workers, guests and customers about company initiatives, strategies and recent announcements. Additionally, it is easily customizable to welcome your next big client to your office(s). If you are still deciding about whether or not it is the right time for you to transition to digital solutions – consider the following.



Update and Manage Content with Ease

Once printed, your options on how to continually manage traditional print signage are extremely limited. Last minute changes quickly create problems and additional costs. The elimination of these costs in addition to the ease of updating and managing digital content are some of the largest factors that push people to a digital offering.


It is also important to recognize that you do not need to change how you create your content. Flexibility in terms of types of media – video, image and text – allow most of our customers to keep their internal processes and resources the same. Instead of sending to their printer, they are simply digitally managing their content across their network of digital devices. Again, all in-real-time.


The traditional standard print signage is already what it is after you print out your layout. There is no chance that you can change what’s printed on it unless you create a new one. That’s one of the cons of using the traditional method of marketing. Changes are impossible to apply and

With this marketing tool, you can easily change or update the creative media you use to send your message to the public. If you are using presentations, there is an ease of editing the data. You can add or remove items anytime even after showing it through your TV screens, large displays, video wallskiosks, or social media accounts. You can also update the style and layout of the creative media without changing the message. Updates, edits, and changes can be easily executed with digital signage.


Reduce Expenses

If you choose to settle to standard print signage, you can focus more on your content and advertisements. Eliminate the variable costs associated with print. There are no additional fees associated with big colorful content, complex designs or last-minute changes. When thinking about transitioning to digital, imagine your expenses if you were to print out more than 10 signage projects in a month.


With digital signage, you will reduce your expenses and you do not need to modify your internal processes and resources.  Both for efficacy and environmental health, there is no need to print posters and banners. Your digital advertisements can be posted on your social media accounts and digital display screens for no additional cost. Through the power of digital, you can take full advantage of your content all the time.


Fresh Messaging

An effectively managed marketing campaign will allow you to easily deliver fresh news to your clients and prospective. You don’t have to spend so much time editing your presentations and content – simply update it as you go. Unlike standard print signage that is unchangeable, digital signage allows you to edit and change the message or news you want to announce. In a day, you can share as many messages as you want to your audience without going back and forth to a printing company.


Video Content Capabilities

The traditional standard print signage is only beneficial if you want to send a message to your leads and clients. Obviously, it doesn’t support video content. This is an additional feature you can take advantage of with digital signage. You can create videos and present them to your prospects for at no additional cost. There are now a lot of free platforms where you can upload videos to help you with your marketing campaigns. You can use those platforms in order to save costs and reach more people. Videos are also a marketing trend today since more people are spending time on their mobile phones. You can utilize this opportunity to make more sales conversions and impressions.


Digital signage is a more effective form of communication. It is an advantage and investment at the same time. There is more than one communication objective that you can fulfill using this marketing tool including branding, education, and promotion. Consider the benefits listed above in case you are still deciding which signage to choose and definitely contact us to see what we can do!