Digital advertising has provided different benefits to individuals and companies in the market today. Unlike the traditional marketing methodologies, which are typically done through printed banners and billboards, digital marketing is more convenient, cost-effective, creative and innovative. The savings generated moving away from printed signage alone is reason enough to move to digital. If you are still in doubt about whether to stick with traditional signage or switch to a digital offering, we encourage you to consider all of the factors and options to see the best fit for your business needs.


In the case of digital marketing, did you know that your business can use a digital A-Frame product to promote your current content?


The digital “A-Frame” is intended to appear just like a standard printed banner but the critical difference is function, efficiency and a shift to newer technology. All of our digital solutions are supported by our proprietary software solutions, which allow you to display your product information and other digital content/advertisements using this product. This “A-Frame” can be folded and locked easily. It stands with a metal frame and you can plug it for power. It also comes with a remote control so you can choose the right programming option(s) for your content. For these reasons (and many more), the idea of using a digital “A-Frame” product for digital content/advertisement is starting to gain significant momentum across multiple markets. To make it even more simple – here’s why you should use it….


Increased Marketing Opportunities

Utilizing the power of digital, your business can significantly increase its marketing opportunities by allowing your display to utilize and deploy different content to your respective hardware in real-time. Anything from banners to video related content will seamlessly push from the MetroClick proprietary content management system (CMS) at the click of a button.

Compared to traditional forms of marketing with print, the “digital A-Frame” solution provides you a significant advantage while avoiding the cumbersome and time-consuming “traditional” print alternative. Not to mention the cost! There is no lag time between content creation and deployment – with digital, you can speak to your customers about current events and relevant offers as quickly as you can create the content.


Rapid Implementation and Deployment

Whether you are going to an event, job fair, trade shows or exhibitions – the “digital A-Frame” is easily transported and can be deployed within a matter of minutes. The device features wheels as well as the ability to secure the device to a third-party object – so it can be easily be moved around during the day or secured and left to run unattended.


As with our other MetroClick devices, the “digital A-Frame” is easily shipped in custom crates and/or flight cases depending on your preference. Setup is complete in minutes and you will be up and running. We hope with this product to continue to revolutionize portable signage solutions while not sacrificing on industrial quality.



Affordable and Innovative

The “digital A-Frame” product easily pays for itself with print savings and the endless advertising/content opportunities. Additionally, our products are built to a high-quality industrial standard that will allow you to effectively utilize the hardware for years. MetroClick’s service team will be able to support you with all of your repair and services needs whenever any issues may arise.


Whether it be in an office lobby or on the street in front of a café, this product will allow you an affordable and innovative solution to digitize your signage and marketing efforts. You now have the chance to be one of the industry leaders and “first-to-market” movers by obtaining your new MetroClick “digital A-Frame” today.



Speak Directly to Your Customer

This is one of the major reasons why you should use a “digital A-Frame” solution for your business. Apart from digital marketing and advertising opportunities, you can use it to become more appealing to your prospective clients and existing customers. For example, placing it outside your store or café is a great way to attract additional street traffic with an enticing offer for the day. Potential customers who are just passing by your store will stop and watch the advertisements playing or shown on your digital sign display. Thereby, increasing your overall brand and product awareness.


Easy, Real-Time Content Management

Unlike a standard banner whose display can’t be changed after it’s been printed, a “digital A-Frame product” will allow you to change or improve what’s already playing on the display. Since it is supported by the proprietary MetroClick content management system (CMS) and it can be connected to Wi-Fi, you can change it anytime. You can make edits without customers noticing them. You can change the display daily if you think it’s an effective way to market your products and services. The convenience it brings will help your business become more efficient and productive in terms of marketing, advertisement and brand awareness.