Having a photobooth at your upcoming corporate event can do wonders to keep guests mingling and entertained. Using the MetroClick photobooth solutions, you can even share images, GIFs, and videos of your event on social media accounts in real time.

People are naturally curious when a line forms near the photobooth area. With a little encouragement, many guests will be interested in checking out the photobooth area and taking some selfies with friends or even people they just met. It isn’t a surprise to find that guests will mingle and start speaking with other individuals while waiting in line.

Photobooths are great icebreakers and with a little bit of strategic thinking, staff can subtly invite groups of people to go get their photos taken together.


What do you need?

There are numerous options for photo booths, ranging from DIY photobooths to elaborate professional interactive, digital photobooth solutions. What you’ll use depends upon what sort of event you’re hosting and what your budget allows for… Also the amount of space also influences the set-up that will be best for your particular event.

MetroClick offers photobooths for rent and photobooths for sale. One of the best aspects of the MetroClick photobooths is that they are very space-friendly and require just a small area that is the size of a standard digital kiosk.

Typically, people renting or buying event photobooths for the first time need to consider the following questions:

  • Expert or DIY?
  • Purchase or rent?
  • Open or closed booth?
  • What equipment is needed to run it?
  • User-operated or operated by staff?


Expert vs DIY photobooths

This is one of the most crucial questions you need to answer first, and in many cases it comes back to your budget. That said, you might be surprised with how affordable they are — contact us first to discover our rental fees and purchase prices.

You can get expert set-ups that are fast and easy to get going at your occasion. This will certainly save you a lot of time but it will likely use more of your event budget. A DIY photobooth might be cheaper however you will need to invest the time to build it and all of the intricacies involved.


Professional booths

Professional event photobooths are the best option for those with a budget that can manage it, and desire to have high quality images. With the MetroClick photobooth solutions, we believe that having absolute high quality images is the bare minimum expectation and where we excel is in the numerous other features our booths have to offer.

When you go for a professional photobooth solution, you can choose whether you wish to purchase one (or more) or to simply rent a booth for a single event. If you find yourself hosting or planning multiple events that could benefit from the use of photobooths, then purchasing one might make the most sense.


Do-it-yourself booths

Designing your own photobooth might be ideal for the technologically-minded and those who don’t mind investing a little time, but it is more complicated than you might think.

You will have to find the best mix of hardware and software application, and then build out the entire booth. People who need a custom solution in mind sometimes think that this is a good approach, but we recommend that you contact us first regarding a custom solution and you might be surprised to learn what we can do.


Open or closed event booths

There are many kinds of photobooths, from the conventional closed booths to open kiosk-styled booths. Both open and closed photobooths have their benefits. However for larger events, open photobooths might make more sense because open, kiosk-style photobooths tend to be more welcoming since guests can see others having a good time using them and are drawn to them also.


Practice makes perfect

When you’ve decided upon the right event photobooth solution, you will want to do a test run and make sure that it functions as expected. It is a good idea to test it in the event area to ensure that the lighting, background, and space is adequate. Whether you have a pro photobooth or a DIY version, you want to be sure that you test it prior to your event date.


Get the ideal props

Keep props in mind. Sometimes people need costume props like hats, glasses, or other items to make the experience more fun – or even themed. Corporate events can use branded materials or something else that is relevant to the event.


Contact us today to spice up your event with a social media occasion photo booth

The MetroClick photobooth solutions are an excellent marketing tool for events of all kinds. They can serve as ice-breakers by getting people to mix and mingle, and they can make your event more interesting for guests. Our photobooth technology allows for events to be shared in real time on social media platforms and is a great way to make an event potentially go viral online.

Even if your next event isn’t happening soon, we encourage you to take a little bit of time now to learn how we can help you make the best decision when it comes to photobooth solutions. We are certain that both you and your guests will completely enjoy having an interactive, digital photobooth at your future events!


Contact us today for a quote and to ask any questions about our event photobooth solutions.