Photo Booths

In this past year, it is becoming clear that if you want to hook in clients at an event, you’re going to need to provide them a memorable experience that carries over into the virtual world. Commercial events, such as the Museum of Ice Cream in San Francisco, are using photo booths equipped with the power of social media to garner over 240,000 followers on Instagram. In 2019, you should expect to see this same principle applied to promotional events.

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Interactive Games

Having an interactive experience that can be used by multiple people can break the ice and show off your product at the same time. The multi-touch screen market is expected to have a value of $16 billion by 2023. Misereor’s Social Swipe campaign led events to fight poverty, and used interactive displays in which users could break through virtual shackles displayed on screen representing poverty.

Video Wall Installations

Lexus’ MetroClick’s Larger than Life installation allowed multiple users to interact directly with the brand at the same time. The functionality and interactivity of the video wall has involved visitors at their events in the past few years, and has been a highly effective method of engaging them with VR games and other car features. The monitors can be custom built to meet the size and decor needed and patrons will be mesmerized by the display.


RFID Event Ticketing

What originally began for large outdoor music festivals is now the new norm for all kinds of events worldwide. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a form of ticketing which tracks the people who attend your event more efficiently. In order to get a wristband, attendees are required to give an email address and name, which streamlines collecting consumer data. On top of that, RFID wristbands record the foot traffic of your attendees, so you can analyze the areas of the event that garnered the most interest, making it easier to plan for your next event. The wristbands are also customizable, and make a great souvenir for your guests to bring home.

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