Once the vows have been read, rings placed on the fingers, and the kissing has ended, its time for everyone to head over to the wedding party. Of course, this is where you get to see some awkward dads dancing, the bridesmaids drinking far too much, and Auntie Carolyn making an embarrassment of herself that will be remembered forever. While all that is fun, it’s rather standard for weddings these days, so imagine what added entertainment the addition of a photo booth would be?

Actually, photo booths for weddings are becoming quite regular these days instead of being the rare novelty they once were. A digital photo booth offer up some additional fun, provide plenty more photos from the memorable event, and do not cost too much either. You essentially just rent a photo booth for the night, have tons of fun with them, and get a ton of extra wedding photos before returning the kiosk photo booth the next day.

What Are Digital Photo Booths for Weddings?

What are digital photo booths for weddings? You know what they are because you’ve had to have seen them in malls and supermarkets, they are those magic little boxes that you step inside before a light goes flash. Then, when you exit the booth the photos begin printing. Generally, these were used more for official photos to be used in a variety of industries or for  passports, government IDs, photo portfolios and the like. In recent years, however, they have been trending as a form of entertainment at events such as weddings, parties, and in other situations like trade shows, retail, hospitality, restaurants and even corporate settings.

These wedding rental photo booths can fit a few more people in them compared to the traditional types and they also come with lots of props to add more fun. Throw a little champagne into the mix with these things and you have yourself a little corner of fun at any wedding!

The key benefits to choosing a wedding photo booth

Good Hearty Fun for All

Once the wedding ceremony is complete, it’s time for the party to kick in. A bit of cake-cutting, few speeches, and plenty of food and drink. Throw in a photo booth from a leading New York photo booth rental company and there will be laughter around the party all night (especially once the alcohol starts flowing freely). Your grandmother will be in there with a stupid wig having her picture taken, your new mother-in-law will be feeling up one of the best men in another photo, and you just won’t be able to keep the otherwise bored kids away from it. It will generally be groups of people going to the photo booth at a time, taking some crazy group photos using all of the props.

Great for the Wedding Album

One of the best parts about renting photo booths for weddings is that the booth huge monitors will have two sets of each photo. The first sets are given out to those that had the pictures taken while the second sets are stored digitally and given to the person/people who rented the booth. This means that there are going to be so many memories saved from the wedding and can be included in a wedding photo album. Wedding photographers are great but with a photo booth, you are getting so many more pictures to go with what he manages to get.

Lots of Props Make it More Fun to have a Wedding Photo Booth

It is understandable that some people might just think…meh…a photo booth. However, these are not your standard passport photo booths. These are much larger versions that come with a whole batch of entertainment options such as props, fans, social media sharing and green screens. This allows for people to dress up, take stupid and funny photographs and essentially just have a good time while they drink away in celebration of two people now being classed as officially ‘not’ single.

If you’re going to be getting married soon, you will no doubt have that little checklist of things for the party. DJ booked? Check. Waiting service booked? Check. Catering sorted? Check. While that all sounds great and all, it’s a little bit uninspiring and done before billions of times over. So why not be a little bit different and get a photo booth display added to the plans as well?

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