Why Digital Signage as a Service is the Newest Mass Marketing Solution for Your Industry

Digital signage enables tailored dynamic and engaging content when positioned in prominent areas like public spaces, retail, office spaces, stores, restaurants and reception areas. In the near future, all the large organizations that use technology such as banks, restaurant chains, and department store chains will develop distributed networks which will broadcast their digital sign content to various locations nationwide, if not worldwide.

Why it makes more sense to invest in a DSaaS than to develop your own system

In most cases, it makes more sense to use an existing digital signage as a service (DSaas) solution than to attempt to create your own solution in-house.

Here are the following components: depending on the content amount to be displayed, there is a multimedia player, which can either be as complex as any server or as simple as any PC running Windows XP; the display’s central hub and LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screens. Subsequently, users can use the digital sign software to program all the content down to the most minute detail. For example, down to the exact second a certain section of content should be displayed. The network connections for signs are either wired to broadband or wireless which requires an access point.

The DSaaS strategy that makes sense for most businesses

Most top businesses utilize custom signage installations to display their information and communication strategies to their targeted viewers. This information and brand messages are displayed using a series of video walls or media displays. The DSaaS solution is one of the powerful ways you can use to communicate because it enables you to play your media content as you see fit. When a system issue or hardware malfunction occurs, the support process is automatically launched and resolution arranged even before most viewers notice there is a problem.

DSaaS solution implemented by MetroClick

Our DSaaS solution offers your organization both the tools to effectively convey your messages, and the assurance that your messages are being delivered. More so, there is a dedicated service desk that monitors the DSaaS solutions 24/7.

The hosted DSaaS runs a multi-tenancy platform that enables you to benefit from continuous investments in support services and network infrastructure. In addition, this permits proper maintenance and management of the digital signage grid.

1st Option – Management Support

This option involves completely sustained digital signage solutions – it means that the whole process of production up to the distribution of content including management is handled by your organization. In addition, you have assured of immediate support in case the display experiences some problems somewhere on the network.

2nd Option – Content Hosting and Managed Support

You get all the support services from preference one plus the benefits associated with not maintaining or hosting the content management system at your premises. Moreover, this option offers you an internal content management system. When it comes to the process of production, administration, and distribution of your content, you are the manager – management is usually done through a secure web interface.

3rd Option – Managed Content and Support

Apart from having a content management, you get a complete digital signage solution. On top of that, you get all the support services from otions one and two. Here you can benefit from our service team hosting and management, including content generation. Using the secure web portal, an approved content manager can leave the necessary instructions concerning the alteration of content after logging into the system. A team of creative professionals only requires a short session in the portal to develop, approve, upload and dispense new content – everything is under the strict supervision of your organization.

The benefits of using cloud based digital signage as a service

The following are the most common benefits our clients experience:

  • Project delivery – the DSaaS team proficiently manages, convey and switch into an ongoing digital signage network support allowing you to concentrate on content and not deployment.
  • Pro-active Support – the service desk immediately identifies any display failure and automatically starts the support process.
  • Hosted CMS – the hosting and management of content management system can be offsite eliminating the need for virtual appliances or any other devices on the client network.
  • Content Development and Publishing – you get a content publishing service that is managed and operated wholly under the our management procedures.
  • Long Run Value – in the long run, big businesses with numerous departments or high volume staff turnover may find the management and adoption of the digital messaging network a challenge. MetroClick solves that problem by offering a straightforward content portal that you can use to make any necessary changes without requiring an expert in digital signage.

Contact us today regarding your digital signage ideas and needs. Our signage experts can answer your questions and guide you to the best solution for your specific needs and industry.