How digital signage effectiveness translates into increased revenues in your industry

Digital signage effectiveness has demonstrated that this technology is a vital tool in an organization’s communication strategy.

A 2010 study of the effectiveness of digital signage technologies on Americans showed viewership of digital display in the past month and week at 70% and 52% respectively. Since then, there is no doubt tremendous growth has occurred.

The ways signage using digital display tech is helping organizations

More people are being drawn into digital signage displays where they spend more time accessing information being shown. This means it’s getting more effective than traditional printed posters or signage along with the point of purchase materials due to the following reasons.

Dynamic content that is up-to-date

Dynamic content – Digital signage comes in bright colors and motion displays and with its ability to self-update content from any location, makes it more dynamic and attractive than any other display medium. Real-time news from RSS feeds and social media feeds is also an added feature

Increase sales through branding and educating

Sales increase – Studies have shown more products to have been sold under digital displays compared to other forms. A digital display is always available and ready to help shoppers access product features, pricing and more. TV ads can be re-purposed to be featured and to provide all this information of interest needed by shoppers; be it in retail stores of food, furniture and home décor, automobile dealerships and other retail locations

Enhance profitability by applying cost savings

Profitability – The technology gets more affordable as hardware and digital signage software cost keeps dropping. Its maintenance is cheap as well. New costs are only going to arise from the production of new content.

Enhance communication internally and externally

Better communication – Content displays shown on offices, lunch rooms, and common areas have proven to be significantly more effective than the traditional approach (bulletin board) as a steady flow of information, entertainment and educational clips which are up-to-date are provided. Call centers’ display can be connected to automated information systems to show call response times along other important statistics. In business intelligence, vital business data and statistics are displayed on employee-facing screens in real-time enabling decisions be taken promptly and efficiently.

Immediate communication with employees, customers, clients and prospects

Instant delivery – Publishing of instant messages and sending media content across large display connected networks is crucial for many applications. The MetroClick custom signage solutions works miracle here. Many corporate and business sectors such as the education, government, retail stores and more others need this to run their daily functions that require displays of up-to-date and instant ones.

Guide clients, customers and prospects to the solutions they are seeking

Lead – Digital signage technologies have benefited wayfinding enormously. Interactive multimedia experience is now possible. Digital signage hardware is paired to enable players touch screens where they can navigate by simply pointing to their destination. Additional information by wayfinding via QR codes enable visitors to scan with their smartphones or other similar technologies.

Almost better than a sales staff

Revenue generator – The digital advertising networks are profitable and increasing. Huge viewership is important to advertisers and brand owners and with flat panel displays, strategically positioned ensures maximum visibility. Technologies to measure viewership are engrossed with digital displays to provide accurate viewership profiles. The ability of high tech signage to deliver specific content based on display location or demographic make it an indispensable tool for modern advertising programs.

Inspire, engage and motivate

Motivate – Directives and other vital corporate messages may not reach the intended destination and employees often feel left out. Our signage can display any content over any distance at very cheap price. Corporate management understands the value of better and effective communication—it empowers employees. With no limit to the number of screens to be deployed, positioning engaging content that is regularly updated, company personnel can ensure the entire staff is kept informed, no matter where they are located.

A powerful educational tool

Educate – Maximizing staff and customer exposure is number one priority in successful organizations – tailoring broadcasts according to each audience. Customers get informational data on sales and advertising while staff gets company resource information such as on training, strategic and other informational areas.

Catch their attention and keep it

Entertainment – This technology revolves around entertaining viewers. Places with long wait times like inside elevators, waiting rooms, government offices, and other similar locations are perfect for signage displays. Entertainment content is provided which in-turns help improve customer and visitor experience, for any type of venue. In these cases, a mixture of advertising, infotainment, and news is best to get optimal results.

Make your brand image stand out

Bold impression – Designers and architects use digital displays as elements for decoration using innovative environmental concepts.Dramatic building facades and lobbies catch peoples eyes. Video walls and abstract video animations can be used to easily update the appearance of any open space or change the mood depending on the time of day, special event, or any other criteria. Different arrangements of LED displays, flat panels and repurposed animations/videos can be used to maximize visual impact.

MetroClick leads the way in digital signage innovation

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