Is your organization looking for a great way of capturing those special memories with your fans at your sporting events? MetroClick is one of the best photo booth kiosk manufacturers to work with to create a customized photo booth for sporting events that will help you capture the game faces of fans. Before you buy or rent a photo booth, it’s recommended that you choose a company with a good reputation. Let me walk you through some of the reasons why you should consult with MetroClick regarding a kiosk photo booth for sporting events.

Great picture quality from our digital photo booth kiosks

All our photo booths come with professional grade digital photography technology. In addition, it will be accompanied with state-of-the-art studio lighting and professional cameras. Secondly, you will have your high-resolution images with a link emailed to you a few days after the event. You can then decide to share the password protected photos with your teammates and fans. There is also an option of on-site printing where photo booths are set to print automatically once the teammates or fans leave the booth. One can choose between black and white, colored or sepia prints. Further, the photo strips can be designed for the specific sporting event.

Enjoy unlimited photography sessions with a custom photobooth solution

When buying a photo booth, you will have unlimited usage. Your fans are free to use the photo booth for as many times as they wish.

You can create your own sports scenes

The images can be customized to fit the specific sporting event. For instance, one can choose the background color from the available curtain drop designs. This means you will have total control of how you want the prints to look like. On the other hand, if you are not sure how you’d like the prints to look like, you will be assisted in designing cool templates that best fits your taste and preference. You can include names, dates, themes, colors etc. Sporting event photo booths come with an awesome range of part packs and props.

Photo booths with social media sharing features

The photos from the sporting event can be posted on Facebook and other social sites. This will allow the teammates and fans share the photos with others seamlessly. They can comment, like or tag the photos. Likewise, they can download them on their favorite devices.

Custom branded photo booth manufacturing that allows you to sell sponsorship space

Most sporting event photo booths come with space that can be customized in almost any way imaginable. You can feature your team’s logo on the photo booth for your sponsors. Sporting event photo booths are a great way of creating lasting memories for your fans and teammates. It’s time you add some fun and excitement to your next sporting event with a photo booth.

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